OZ9990 назначение, описание, схема включения

Микросхема OZ9990, Производитель- O2micro®

• High power DC/DC power converter controller
• Drives up to 4 strings in parallel
• Integrated LED current balance control circuit
• User-defi ned string selection
• Operation frequency synchronization
• External PWM dimming control
• Time-shift PWM phase dimming control for low audible noise
• LED open string protection
• Output short circuit and open diode protection
• LED short circuit protection
• MOSFET over-current protection
• Thermal protection
• LED fault status output
• Soft start function

OZ9990 is a LED controller that drives up to four (4) strings connected in parallel
confi guration, with multiple LEDs per string connected in series. It provides four (4)
LED current sense inputs in an “OR” confi guration to improve backlight reliability.
This allows the backlight to remain functioning in the event that any string (s) is dam-
aged during normal operation.
OZ9990 supports external Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming control, and
provides an integrated circuit to balance the current fl ow through each LED string.

Схема включения OZ9990

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OZ99XX O2Micro
OZ99XX O2Micro
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