OZ8022 назначение, описание, схема включения

Микросхема OZ8022, назначение- LED драйвер, Производитель- O2micro®

• Quasi-resonant converter controller for high brightness LEDs
• Three-level analog dimming control using a Wall Switch (Patent Pending)
• Low start-up current and operating current maximizing conversion effi ciency
• Peak current mode control simplifi es circuit design
• Under-voltage lockout with hysteresis
• Minimum off-time control for light-load operation maximizing effi ciency
• Provides complete protection functions:
— Maximum gate drive output at 18V
— Over-voltage protection for IC bias voltage
— Cycle-by-cycle current limit at current sense
— LED short circuit protection
— Output over-voltage and internal thermal protection

OZ8022 is a controller for Buck converter utilizing quasi-resonant conversion
technology. It can be used to drive high-brightness LEDs in offl ine applications. The
controller is implemented with a compensated peak current mode control to regulate
the average LED current.
The operation of the Buck converter is between the continuous mode and the dis-
continuous mode of the inductor current. During light-load condition, it provides a
minimum off-time scheme to maximize the operating effi ciency. It provides a propri-
etary (patent pending) dimming technology by turning on/off the wall switch.

Схема включения OZ8022

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