OZ9928 схема включения, описание

Микросхема OZ9928, Производитель- O2micro®

• Dual CCFL inverter controller
• Synchronization for multiple ICs
• Supports differential drive
• Supports system operation frequency synchronization
• Constant operating frequency
• 180 degree phase-shift PWM dimming
• Mixed-mode dimming control
• Integrated high side N-MOSFET driver
• High drive capability
• Selectable shutdown protection mode
• User-defi ned ignition and shutdown delay timers
• Built-in intelligence for lamp ignition and normal operation of CCFLs
• Open-lamp and over-voltage protection
• Soft start function
The OZ9928 is a high performance, cost-effective, 2-channel controller designed for
large-size Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) or External Electrode Fluorescent
Lamp (EEFL) LCD TV applications.
The controller provides six drive signals and is capable of driving full-bridge and
Class-D topologies. The drive outputs are fi xed phase when used for single-side or
differential drive applications. Multiple OZ9928s can be synchronized to drive numer-
ous lamps.
OZ9928 provides total system protection for differential drive and single-side drive
applications. It receives either a DC voltage and/or external Pulse Width Modulation
(PWM) signal to perform mixed-mode PWM dimming.

Схема включения

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OZ99XX O2Micro
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