OZ9937, описание, схема включения

Микросхема OZ9937, Производитель- O2micro®

• Universal panel interface
• Drives positive/negative-impedance lamps during ignition
• Independent PWM and analog dimming control
• Operating frequency compensation
• User-defi ned PWM dimming frequency
• User-defi ned striking and normal operating frequency
• Open-lamp and over-voltage protection
• User-defi ned ignition and shutdown delay time
• Soft start function
The OZ9937 is a high performance, cost-effective Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
(CCFL) controller designed to drive large-size LCD Monitor applications using 2 to 6
OZ9937 receives a panel ID signal from the system and provides an optimal operat-
ing frequency and power to the LCD panel. The adaptive feature enables a single
inverter design to suit various panel applications.
The controller converts unregulated DC voltage into a nearly sinusoidal lamp voltage
and current waveforms. It provides two drive signals for most power conversion
topologies, while maintaining high effi ciency operation.

Схема включения

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OZ99XX O2Micro
OZ99XX O2Micro
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