OZ9984, назначение, описание, схема включения

Микросхема OZ9984, назначение- LED драйвер, Производитель- O2micro®

• Drives up to 4 LED strings in parallel
• Supports up to 350mA LED current per string
• Integrated LED current balance control circuit
• Multi-chip parallel operation
• Analog dimming control
• Over-voltage and LED short circuit protection
• Soft start function

OZ9984 is a high effi ciency LED driver IC that works in conjunction with a primary
side external Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller, for offl ine, isolated LED light-
ing application. It has four (4) LED current sense inputs in an “OR” confi guration to
ensure uniform lighting of the LEDs. It can drive up to 4 strings of LEDs in parallel
and up to 9 LEDs per string connected in series.
OZ9984 supports up to 350mA of LED current per string. It is designed in such a
way that if any LED string is damaged during normal operation, the remaining string
(s) continue normal operation. Multi-chip parallel operation supports additional LED

Схема включения

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OZ99XX O2Micro
OZ99XX O2Micro
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